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  1. I was wondering if your group ever performs comedy plays. I’m a retired science teacher who wrote a comedy play that has been performed a few times with local actors. The play won first place in a Fringe Festival three years ago and is based on actual events from my 42 years teaching middle school. I saw your group’s name in the Winchester paper and saw that you will be performing at the Theater Next Door. Let me know if this idea has any appeal to your group.

    • Hello Leonard,

      Thank you for thinking of our troupe. We are interested in speaking with you about your play. Amy Rubin & I believe that we saw your play performed at the New England Fringe festival. I believe many of the cast members were from Lynn, MA. Am I correct? We thoroughly enjoyed the play, by the way.
      Will you be attending either of our two evenings at the Theater Next Door? If so, we could talk then. Otherwise it is best to contact me at

      Hope to speak with you soon.
      Joan Larason

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