Our Bunch of Grapes (Who’s Who)

Amy Rubin is a born and bred New Yawkah with 3  daughters—and a husband of  over 26 years. Does she need any more reason to do improv? When not doing improv with New Tricks, she drives children, makes collages in her studio and cooks. In a former life, Amy was a Manhattan real estate broker, a market research analyst, and a Christmas temp in Macy’s Herald Square. Acting credit: she played the maid in her high school production of Dracula. Along with Joan Larason she writes scripts and performs for The Naughty Nanas.



Bari Lee is a former software engineer. With an MS in Computer Science, she has done software development for Honeywell and Wang.  More recently she has been a Regional Director with the SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders) program, providing Medicare counseling for seniors.  She has recently retired, but continues to do Medicare counseling as a volunteer.

Bari has over 20 years of experience in stand-up comedy and improv.  She has also performed in local film and theater projects, including playing the part of Grandma in Tony & Tina’s Comedy Wedding.  Bari is a former member of the Naughty Nanas, has performed in the Women in Comedy Festival, and regularly appears as a story-teller in the New England Fringe Festival


Don Buell

Don Buell is a professional pianist who has performed in community theater as well as on local improv stages. He’s the proud father of a New York City “Blue Man.”




Joan Larason is the product of a mother with great storytelling skills and a father with a wacky sense of humor. She has developed and presented workshops on comic improvisation and published many humorous articles on life’s  frustrations.  Together with Amy Rubin, Joan writes the scripts and performs  for the Naughty Nanas.  She blogs about politics  as Nana Tillie at http://www.nanatillierants.tumblr.com.



LannyphotoLanny Rubin is a recently retired business owner who spends his time between fly fishing, golf, skiing and exploring the deserts and canyons of the Southwest. A few years ago an old theatrical bug revived and he took several acting classes and got a couple of roles. He decided to try improv when the pain of memorization became overwhelming.


Our Founding Members

20160712_184404In loving memory of Mike Martin (February 3, 1932-May 27, 2015)

Mike Martin  (2003-2010) is a dutiful father of two, a proud grandfather of four, a happily married man of  over forty-six years, a contented retired philosophy professor, an author of many obscure but profound books and articles, a tough but mild-mannered ex-Marine, the oldest graduate of ImprovBoston’s five-level program, the strongest man in the Brookhaven community, and a modest, self-effacing mensch. He is spending his golden years working out in his gym, teaching improv classes, writing funny short plays, and publishing long philosophy books.

In June, 2015, ImprovBoston announced THE MICHAEL MARTIN “NEW TRICKS” SCHOLARSHIP open to students 65 and older interested in studying at the ImprovBoston Comedy School.


jch FB pic JeanneJeanne Hillson (2003-2007)
is the Principal Muse of Apply Imagination!, a creativity coaching and training practice in Chapel Hill, NC. Years before co-founding New Tricks, she co-created and acted in Midnight Special, an experimental theater company in Washington, DC.



In Memoriam

Bill Griffin (2004-2007) trained at Improv Asylum, and was the founder of the weekly open improv experience “Yes and Practice.” He also acted in local plays and films. Tragically, he passed away on Saturday, September 22, 2007, yet his spirit lives on and will inspire out troupe forever. Memories about his talent, his kindness, his strength, and his amazing legacy will always be with us and the Boston improv community.



  1. Hello New Tricks,

    This is Mike Guerra from ImprovBoston. I wanted to get in touch with you about booking for Studio 40. Can you please email me and let me know who the main point of contact is for your group?


    Mike Guerra (michaeljguerra@gmail.com)

  2. My name is Jim Honohan, I a the Activities Director for the Chelsea Jewish Foundation. Could someone contact me about a performance on June 10th?

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